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Why Our Unique Stats Set Us Apart

Our page exclusively features play-by-play extracted statistics. We do not rely on estimations for basic basketball stats such as possessions and plays. Instead, we extract this data directly from the play-by-play, enabling us to provide precise numbers for all stats including offensive/defensive rating or usage rate.

Unique Filtering System for Performance Analysis

Experience the power of our advanced filtering system, designed to help you uncover specific player and team performance insights. With just a few clicks on the filters button, you can easily customize your search to find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's a player's last 5-minute performance during a close game or a team's performance with specific players on the court.

Use data to improve your betting

Access our comprehensive statistics for more accurate game predictions. With player performance data, team analytics, and historical trends, make informed betting decisions. Gain insights into team dynamics, player contributions, and performance trends to forecast game results effectively.

Supported stats

Comprehensive statistical support across multiple categories to enhance your analysis. For clubs, users can access plus/minus stats, along with a lineup tool to evaluate team performance. For players your can explore detailed box stats, plus/minus data, and usage stats. Referees' aggregated stats detail the games they've officiated.